Scaling Innovation in New Materials for Consumer Goods

This international event provides a platform to connect leaders who are developing and scaling sustainable alternative materials and circular solutions for consumer goods – including packaging, textiles, durable goods, and personal care products.

Providing two days of debate and targeted networking with global consumer brands, producers, converters, policymakers, early-stage innovators, and investors – the 2024 agenda offers a unique opportunity to learn from adjacent sectors and gain insights into innovative applications of new materials and technologies that can future-proof your business and achieve more sustainable supply chains.

Daily pitch sessions, targeted networking, an exhibition featuring exciting new innovations from around the world, and a sophisticated 1-1 networking app will make this a stand-out event for start-up discovery, investment and partnerships.

Key Themes

Who Will You Meet?

Why Join Our Network?

There has never been a more important time for leaders from across multiple industry value chains to join the summit:

🌱 Stay at the forefront of material innovation: This is your golden ticket to stay ahead of the curve and dive into the latest trends, technologies, and innovations transforming the materials landscape. Falling behind is not an option!

🤝 Cross-sector collaboration: Network with experts, thought leaders and visionaries who are moulding the future of materials. Forge invaluable connections that will support your role in a circular future.

💰 Investment Opportunities: Explore opportunities for investment, collaboration, and growth. Whether you’re an investor, corporate or entrepreneur, this summit is the gateway to your next partnership.

📈 Exclusive Industry Insights: Gain access to powerful thought-leadership content, panel insights, case studies, and interactive roundtable discussions sharing strategic priorities.

Advisory Board