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Unpacking the Possibilities

What Solutions Hold the Key to a Plastic-Free Future?

Enjoy a taste of what to expect at the Rethinking Materials summit on May 19-20! Watch the debate take shape between packaging experts at our recent Future Food-Tech sister summit.

• What are the latest materials being trialed to replace plastic packaging?
• What does recyclable and renewable really mean? How are companies calculating the sustainability of their packaging?
• How much of this is an infrastructure issue compared with a product innovation challenge? Is biodegradable packaging compatible with our current recycling system?
• To what extent do companies need to involve the consumer in this process? How much do we know about how people interact with and dispose of packaging?

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Tom Mastrobuoni, Chief Investment Officer, BIG IDEA VENTURES
Rizal Hamdallah, Chief Innovation Officer, CLIF BAR
Jay Gouliard
, Global Head of Packaging, MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL
Tom Szaky, 
Deepti Kulkarni, 

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