Defossilisation: 15 Minute Interview with Michael Carus

Michael Carus, Founder and Managing Director of the nova-Institute GmbH, is a leading expert and market researcher in Europe on Bio- and CO2-based industrial material use of renewable carbon, and is actively involved in building networks in the fields of renewable chemicals and materials. Michael will moderate the opening panel at Rethinking Materials this year, “Defossilisation: Performance Materials in a Low Carbon Circular Economy”, and we caught up with him to discuss some of the key topics that will shape the discussion at the summit this May.

Senior Conference Producer Ellen Mcleay interviewed Michael, asking:

  • With the materials and packaging industries in mind, could you explain the theory around defossilisation and what opportunities you are seeing for industry to reduce their reliance on fossil carbon in the chemicals and derived materials industry?
  • What, in your opinion, is the significance of the European Commission’s recent paper on “Sustainable Carbon Cycles”? How can we expect the new green framework for chemicals and plastics to play out?
  • Which emerging technologies supporting sustainable carbon cycles are you most excited about? Which solutions are proving to be the most viable for players in the plastics packaging space?
  • Are you seeing the roll out of a “plastic tax” as having a positive or negative affect on how industry will engage with renewable carbon? What could this mean for the evolution of technology for carbon/materials derived from biomass, carbon capture and recycling?

Watch the 15 minute interview to hear his answers.

Michael’s panel will be joined by experts from UBQ Materials, LanzaTech and more – view the summit agenda to find out full details.