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Designing Sustainable Materials to Outperform the Incumbent Competition

Enhancing Performance: Designing Sustainable Materials to Outperform the Incumbent Competition

Enjoy a taste of the Rethinking Materials summit that took place on May 19-20! Watch the discussion take shape between food brands and technology leaders.

  • How are next-generation biological materials succeeding on performance while tackling the demands of sustainable production? What advancements are we seeing on enhanced strength, flexibility and transparency?
  • Which industry applications best showcase the durability, functionality, viability and scalability of these new materials? How could proof of concept in one industry influence another?
  • What innovative use cases are we seeing across packaging, fashion, automotive, electronics, personal care, sports & recreation? Have there been any unforeseen challenges in applications of advanced material?
  • What infrastructure is needed to scale affordable and sustainable biomanufacturing? Who will pay for it?
  • To what extent can biodegradable, compostable and bio-based plastics help solve the sustainability challenges posed by plastics?

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Session Chair:
Gayatri Keskar, VP of Research, MATERIAL CONNEXION
Michael Saltzberg,Global Business Director, DUPONT BIOMATERIALS
Charles Dimmler,
 Co-Founder and CEO, 
Susan Schofer, SVP, Business Development, MODERN MEADOW
Søren Kristiansen, Senior Director of Technology, THE LEGO GROUP
Sydney Gladman, Chief Scientific Officer, MATERIAL INNOVATION INITIATIVE

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