Technology Showcase

Eight innovators presented their solutions to our investor panel during a five minute pitch and audience Q&A.

Day One of the summit saw four start-ups focus on Innovation in Raw Materials, sharing the sustainable, high-performance materials of the future.

Day Two was all about Innovation for Reuse, Recyclability, Sortation and Circularity, handing the mic to four start-ups addressing the problem of plastic waste.

We handpicked our presenting start-ups from a fantastic selection of applicants.

Day 1 - Innovation in Raw Materials

On Day One (May 4), there were presentations from four innovators with a new, sustainable, high performing material. Each presenting company had five minutes to showcase their solution and take questions from our panel of investors.

Taking inspiration from nature, speakers shared the materials of the future:

  • Synthetic biological materials with enhanced strength, flexibility and transparency
  • Next generation of plastic replacements, made from plant protein
  • Advancements in feedstocks, such as biomass from algae, CO2 or methane
  • Growing dyes and materials from bacteria, yeast, algae and fungi cultures
  • Edible polymers and coatings extending shelf life and improving food quality
  • Engineered enzymes for novel materials with unique functionality

Presenting Start-ups:

Day 2 - Innovation for Reuse, Recyclability, Sortation, and Circularity

Day Two (May 5) saw four innovators with a technology to address plastic waste. Each presenting company had five minutes to showcase their solution and take questions from our panel of investors.

Speakers shared material innovation and systemic solutions as we transition towards a circular economy:

  • Compostable high-performing materials from agricultural by-products and food waste
  • Additives such as magnets to support identification and separation at the recycling stage
  • Nano-engineering to enhance recyclability
  • New coatings to improve the performance of biodegradable or compostable packaging
  • Engineered enzymes that digest plastics
  • Intelligent separation technologies enhancing recycling operations

Presenting Start-ups:

Start-Up Success Stories

From investor interest to client queries, the early-stage companies that participated in our start-up showcase in 2021 reported high value meetings with key targets and new contacts.

We caught up with last year’s presenters Gelatex and Xampla who enjoyed their start-up experience so much that they are returning this year as summit Gold Partners!

Read this Q&A with Gelatex Co-Founder and COO, Mari-Ann Meigo Fonseca to discover their journey from pitching start-up to summit partner, and her predictions for the future of materials.


Mari-Ann, Gelatex

Simon Hombersley, CEO at XAMPLA, talks growth and company triumphs including the company’s first commercial application, as well as the results of a recent survey in this interview.


Simon Hombersley, Xampla


“The Rethinking Materials Summit was an excellent opportunity for Scindo to present the solutions we are working on and connect with key players in our target industries. We have two NDAs signed from the conference, connected with 3 VCs, and have a number of other active conversations with potential customers or collaboration partners.”

Gustaf Hemberg, Co-Founder and CEO, SCINDO

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Participants are subject to selection criteria to ensure the best outcome for every company, with an exciting curated mix of talent and technologies for summit attendees to discover and begin discussions around investment or collaboration.

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