Highlights Video

Relive the summit in 60 seconds, with the recap video capturing the excitement of the two-days.

Keynote Speakers

Readying the floor for focused discussion, and inspiring those present to meet the urgent need for collaboration and innovation in materials.

Harriet Lamb, CEO, WRAP

“This is why conferences like these are more important than ever, we need to rethink not just our materials but also our business models.”


Sian Sutherland Co-Founder, A PLASTIC PLANET & PLASTIC FREE

“Our home is on fire but there’s a lot of power in this room to advance the future of materials and material science thinking.”

Technology Showcases

Twelve early-stage innovators presented their technologies, introducing novel materials and their uses, and highlighting solutions for end-of-life sortation and processing.


Highlights from the Summit Stage

Investment Trends and Partnerships Commercialising New Innovation for Materials

“Excitement level is high for generative AI and quantum computing at BASF Venture Capital”
Markus Solibieda, Managing Director, BASF Venture Capital

Net Zero Strategies: Materials Innovation Aiding the Race to Decarbonisation

“Materials are 20% of global GHG emissions. You all know this is an enormous challenge, and one that requires fundamentally new business models and unprecedented levels of collaboration across the value chain”

Anna Moore, CEO (Hestia) and former Partner (McKinsey & Company)

“Only focusing on recycling is never going to be enough. There needs to be renewable carbon within the system. If it’s only bio, and not circular, that isn’t going to work either. We need to have both renewable feedstocks and make sure it’s circular.”

Tom Van Aken, CEO, Avantium


What Delegates Said

“The bio-economy is alive and thriving at Rethinking Materials. It’s a great collection of promising start-ups at different phases, and really effective to meet all of them in one place.”

General Partner, REGENERATION.VC

“I’ve never witnessed this synergy at other events. The summit is not just about getting materials in front of corporates, it’s about how we, as start-ups, can collaborate. We are all working towards the same goal. We get to form connections with people who are fighting the same problem.”


“The open mindedness of everyone at this summit, and the ability everyone has in seeing the portfolio of solutions that industries need to invest in, is really inspiring. It’s ahead of other industry based events, and has given us a breath of fresh air!”

Co-CEO and Founder, MATERIOM

“At Rethink Materials a real discourse takes place among innovators and decision makers over the future of materials innovation for decarbonisation and a circular economy”


Who Joined Us?

Here are just some of the global players and industry leaders who joined us at the Rethinking Materials Summit:

The platform is still open for networking and registrations for one month (until June 17).

See you next time!

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