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Technology Showcase // Innovation in Raw Materials

Technology Showcase // Innovation in Raw Materials

Enjoy a taste of the Rethinking Materials summit that took place on May 4-5! Watch the discussion take shape between start-ups and our industry panel.

Meet four innovators with a new, sustainable, high performing material. Each presenting company had five minutes to showcase their solution and take questions from our panel of investors.

Taking inspiration from nature, our speakers share the materials of the future:

  • Synthetic biological materials with enhanced strength, flexibility and transparency
  • Next generation of plastic replacements, made from plant protein
  • Advancements in feedstocks, such as biomass from algae, CO2 or methane
  • Growing dyes and materials from bacteria, yeast, algae, and fungi cultures
  • Edible polymers and coatings extending shelf life and improving food quality
  • Engineered enzymes for novel materials with unique functionality

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Luke Halsey, PartnerAIIM PARTNERS, UK
Jamie Rowles, Planet Sector DirectorFOUNDERS FACTORY, UK

Adi Goldman, CEO and Co-Founder, BIO-CIRCULAR (BIOTIC), ISRAEL
Nuha Siddiqui, CEO & Co-FounderERTHOS, CANADA
Anne Lamp, Co-Founder and CEO, TRACELESSGERMANY

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